the path

I have been moving along a path. Sometimes it twists and turns in unexpected directions. Sometimes I can’t see where it leads. And sometimes I wonder if I’m going in circles. I occasionally look back, and think about the footsteps … Continue reading

stop. look. feel. wonder. imagine.

All things come to an end. That is the cyclical nature of life. The sun sets and a new dawn breaks. The tombstone is laid and the moss grows to cover it. I look into the mirror and I see wrinkles, grey hairs, and worry. But I also see smile lines, a knowing look, and someone who is growing more comfortable in their skin every day.

This life will not last forever. We are moving through time so slowly, so steadily, and we rarely pause to see how far we’ve come. Stop. Look. Feel. Wonder. Imagine. Maybe you have a long journey ahead of you. Maybe you are coming to the end of the path. Take a moment to be grateful, and to remember the good choices you made, the things you are proud of. This too shall pass. What is next may not be clear at this moment. But you will take it in your stride.

Keep your loving heart open. Trust in yourself and nature. And be.

gathering creative energy

So much of the time in this life of ours, we are go, go, go! It’s not always a bad way to be, and it’s not always a good way to be. As ever, the key thing seems to be … Continue reading

moon sailing

I see you with my ancient eye Sailing your ship up to the moon A wave of sighs crashing down On so many tiny words, marooned


You creep in slowly

Your patches of gold scuttle up through the boughs

Like sneaky imps

I blink once, twice,

My sleepy eyes are still full of summer

I blink again, for what seems like

Just a second

But I know

When I next open my eyes

You’ll be everywhere


lightbulb moment

Last night I had an unexpected visitor.

It was late, and I was just beginning to nod off, when I heard someone knocking at my mind’s door.


I groaned.

“Who is it?” I called out sleepily.

“Hello!” came a bright voice. “I’m a new idea!”

“Gimme a second.” I fumbled for the door handle, but as I reached out to touch it, it disappeared, and my hand passed through thin air. The lights began to dim and the door began to fade away…


“Hello!” came the bright voice. “I’m still here! I’m exciting, and shiny, and new! I think you’ll like me. Won’t you let me in?”

Lightbulb moment

“Oh yes,” I mumbled. “Sorry, I was just… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”


“Hello!” sang the bright voice. “It’s me again. I only need a few moments of your time. I can’t wait to tell you all about me!”

“Oh. Oh yes. And I’d like to hear about you, I really would. But. Could we do this in the morning?” I asked. “I’m so tired, and someone keeps turning the lights out.”

“Ah, OK.” said the bright voice. “I’ll try again.”

I drifted off, and the new idea went away. And then morning came, and went, and the morning after that, plus the one after that, until, countless mornings had past.

But the new idea never came back.


playing with inkflow

I’ve been meaning to get a sketch app for a while, and on Wednesday night I saw someone doing a really amazing sketch on the train using their iPhone that reminded me to look into it further.

I have just tried out Inkflow, and after using it for about five minutes I’ve decided it’s so much fun, I think I may have to launch a full scale investigation into sketch apps in general.

If anyone has any recommendations, please send them my way!

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