just another manic monday, erm i mean friday

At the moment, I work part-time in a publishing house, usually on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. It often feels like having a number of Mondays all in a row, and lately on any given day I have got into the habit of singing ‘Just another manic Monday’ as I’m getting ready for work (try it some time – it really does add occasion and fun to your morning).

However, when I started this tradition several weeks ago, I realised I was singing ‘mantic Monday’ rather than ‘manic Monday’. I paused for a moment to ponder how odd the phrase sounded, which is when the penny finally dropped.

Now, I learnt this song when I was about 4 years old, in front of Video Hits with my two older sisters. We used to point to the TV screen at all the gorgeous singers, and say ‘I’m her!… No, I’m her!!’ Other popular songs I learnt at that time were ‘Love in the first degree’, ‘Leave a light on for me’ and ‘Love shack’.  All in all, it was quite a golden era where I learnt many words, to many songs, whilst really having no concept of what they meant.

Cue right stage, ‘mantic Monday’… lyrics I have been singing incorrectly now for about 24 years… oops. I know my sister Lis would be giggling about this, as she used to occasionally catch me out with incorrect lyrics in the past. She would get this quietly triumphant (read: sneaky) look on her face, and say, ‘I’m sorry, what was that?’, wherein I would warily mumble the words back, and face whatever ridicule was to come my way.

Have you ever got the lyrics to a song monumentally wrong, or is it just me?

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and I better actually get ready for work. This morning I might try ‘Friday I’m in love’ instead.

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