Well this week has completely flown by and I cannot believe it’s Friday once again. I plan to post more on the weekend, but until then I thought I would pop by for an update.

The chairs were mine (ours)! Oh yes they were. The sellers replied fairly promptly – and when I went to pick the chairs up from their flat, they were the sweetest, loveliest people! They served me peppermint tea, and apologised for the faint smell of furniture polish – they had just been trying to give the chairs some lovin’ before I arrived. No need to apologise for that, I explained.  As we don’t really own much furniture in London, we certainly don’t own any furniture polish, so they did us a massive favour there.

So yes, we were able to tuck the pretty chairs away into appropriate niches and nooks and I feel that they have really added to our abode. Next stop, (dainty) cushions!

In fact, I think it is the perfect reason to give my relatively new sewing machine a spin. I am not past my first project yet, which is a plastic bag holder for the kitchen. Yes, I know, that doesn’t sound very romantic at all, but I thought it was a start, and actually we really do need one, so there you go. Project number two though will need to be a cushion, or several cushions. Then perhaps I will be ready to move onto clothes.

But for now, I must prepare to enter the real world again, and get ready for work!

I will leave you with a new music discovery, The Civil Wars. They are gorgeous, I highly recommend stalking them on youTube if you have some spare time today.

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