concentration, concentration now begins, names of… what was i saying?

I have realised that I have a low attention span. Well. Maybe that’s unfair. It’s just that I am interested in many things, and I like to try and do all of these things at once. And I also would really like to be the best at these things. It’s a little hard to achieve, I must say. Especially when I am so easily distracted.

Hmmm. I get really excited about new ideas. And I wonder where I can take them, or where they’ll take me. I get inspiration for a particular character, and then I see that character translate to a new and successful book series, or as a collection of cute and winsome cards. I draw a pattern in a particular style and start fantasising about spring/summer mood boards, luxurious silks and crisp organic cottons, not to mention imagining what the brand name will be.

At the moment, since I’ve made this self diagnosis, I’m trying to figure out if I should let this penchant for multi faceted daydreaming continue, or whether I should reign it in a little, put on the blinders?

Any musings on the subject, helpful or otherwise, would not be turned away ungratefully.

Meanwhile, in other sort of (un)related news, I’ve just started guitar lessons! So far, so good… My attention span seems to be coping long enough for me to practice my strumming and undoubtedly make the neighbours wonder what happened to the trumpet practice. Never mind! They’ll soon come to appreciate that there’s nothing wrong with my multi-pronged instrument practice attack (or is there?). They did mention they had nick-named someone at their previous place of residence ‘Gee-tar Man’. Apparently he was NOT very proficient, so I guess I don’t have to improve too much for them to still be better off than they were before, which is some consolation.

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