Most people that know me know that I love cats. In particular, I love my two cats, Monty and Jasper. They are the sweetest, coolest cats ever (of course I say this with no bias at all). They are smart, inquisitive, loving, and beautiful boys. Their fur is so soft and their purrs are legendarily loud. They have a penchant for chasing string and destroying paper bags. They are great company and they love to snuggle up to you during a quiet moment.

Sleepy Jasper boy.

It’s amazing the bond you can have with an animal. Sometimes when they look at you it’s like you communicate telepathically. When they fall asleep on top of you, completely relaxed, you know that they trust you. Yesterday I was in bed with a nasty flu and either Monty or Jasper hung out on the bed with me for almost the whole day. If they hadn’t have been there I think I would have felt much more lonely, and much more sorry for myself.

I spent most of the day reading a book called A Street Cat Named Bob, by James Bowen. In the beginning of this true story, after a period of homelessness and heroin addiction, Bowen is on a methadone program and has managed to get into some support housing. He is working as a street musician in Covent Garden, trying to earn enough money to get through another day. Bob is a cat who turns up in Bowen’s building in bad shape. At first Bowen resists his instinct to take Bob in, as he assumes he must belong to someone else in the building. But it soon becomes apparent that Bob is a stray and in need of help. In nursing Bob back to health, and caring about somebody other than himself for the first time in a long time, Bowen receives so much healing in return, in the form of Bob’s unconditional love and friendship. The book details their adventures together and the ways in which they both help one another to reach a better way of life. It is a really heart warming story, and I highly recommend it.

Monty boy has a read of the back cover.

Monty boy has a read of the back cover.

One thought on “cats!

  1. Love these two pics of your boys. Glad to hear their steadfast company helped take the edge off a day spent sick in bed (but not that you have a nasty flu!). Hope you’re over the worst and feeling much better today xx

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