we are lucky

Last night I was at the hairdressers flipping through a (really good, actually,) copy of Marie Claire magazine. I haven’t paged through a glossy for a while. I used to work in the fashion industry and be obsessed with those publications, but now, much less so.

However, I stumbled across an article that made me smile and feel genuinely warm inside. (And it wasn’t the foils on my head heating me up!) It was the story of an anonymous man who came into a significant amount of money, £500,000 in fact. Being quite well off already, at first he decided to spend the cash on a space flight, which he booked, but then cancelled days later. He felt a responsibility to do something more with the money, something that would benefit a wider community of people rather than just him.

Then Wearelucky was born. He devised a plan to give kind strangers £1,000 with the only condition being that they had to do something good with the money, whatever their definition of good might be, and also share the story of what they chose to do. One lady in South Africa gave the funds to her cleaning lady to put her grandson through school. Another lady used it to get a project off the ground converting a derelict building into an art facility for Aborigine artists in a very isolated part of Australia. A couple donated their share to a special care unit for babies in a hospital. The list goes on, and every person entrusted with the money has a different story.

I think it’s the most wonderful idea. And it just goes to show that you cannot predict when your time will come to make a positive mark on the world, to change someone’s life, even in a small way. A friend of mine once said, “You never know the effect you have on people,” and it’s a phrase that has always stayed with me. I firmly believe that we are lucky, but also that we make our own luck. So let’s think big! Bigger than just ourselves.

Let’s leave this world a better place than when we found it.

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