a landscape love affair

A friend of mine recently revealed his love of photographing the same landscapes over and over again. Even though to some people it may seem like just another photo of the same thing, there is always something changing, whether it’s a growing landscape, where there’s subtle differences in the tree line, or the sky is a different hue, or the cloud that looked like a starfish has disappeared and now there’s a dinosaur cloud in its place, but slightly to the left, and so on. I then found myself reading about another photographer, William Christenberry, who, for more than thirty years, has made an annual trip back to the same town in Alabama, to carry out this exact idea. His work is called ‘Red Building in Forest’ and every picture reveals a different view of a small red brick building that stands at the edge of a pine forest.

Christenberry says of his work that he’s “often going back to the same places time after time and watching them decay or change or disappear.” I really like this idea, and I realised that I have, inadvertently, taken on the same approach.

I joke that the only pictures I take these days are either of my cats, or the Thames. I am lucky enough to have been commuting along the river for the past year or so, and in that time I have seen some beautiful scenes. I’m often compelled to stop and try to capture what I can of these wonderful moments. The photos never do them justice, especially without touting a proper camera around, but, we make do with what we can!

Below are some of my favourites.

River 1River 2River 3River 4River 5River 6River 7River 8River 9

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