lightbulb moment

Last night I had an unexpected visitor.

It was late, and I was just beginning to nod off, when I heard someone knocking at my mind’s door.


I groaned.

“Who is it?” I called out sleepily.

“Hello!” came a bright voice. “I’m a new idea!”

“Gimme a second.” I fumbled for the door handle, but as I reached out to touch it, it disappeared, and my hand passed through thin air. The lights began to dim and the door began to fade away…


“Hello!” came the bright voice. “I’m still here! I’m exciting, and shiny, and new! I think you’ll like me. Won’t you let me in?”

Lightbulb moment

“Oh yes,” I mumbled. “Sorry, I was just… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”


“Hello!” sang the bright voice. “It’s me again. I only need a few moments of your time. I can’t wait to tell you all about me!”

“Oh. Oh yes. And I’d like to hear about you, I really would. But. Could we do this in the morning?” I asked. “I’m so tired, and someone keeps turning the lights out.”

“Ah, OK.” said the bright voice. “I’ll try again.”

I drifted off, and the new idea went away. And then morning came, and went, and the morning after that, plus the one after that, until, countless mornings had past.

But the new idea never came back.


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