admired ones: sonnet london

I first met Sarah a few years ago, as the friend of a very good friend of mine, Becca, who has been a kindred spirit since we were both seven years old; barefoot and mischievous.
A fellow creative and all around wonderful person, Sarah and I hit it off and always enjoyed catching up when we saw each other. Sarah now has her own business, Sonnet London, an accomplishment which I find so inspiring, and her products are absolutely beautiful, charming, and unique. Recently, Becca very thoughtfully gifted me a Sonnet London necklace, which was personalised with a message that really resonates with me: What I am to be, I already am. I can’t tell you how lovely it is! I actually burst into tears when I saw it.
I eventually recovered.

I eventually recovered.

I have been plotting for a while to begin interviewing different people I admire, be they artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, spiritual gurus or simply stand up human beings, and Sarah very kindly agreed to be my first victim.
e & u: When did you launch Sonnet London?
s: My website went live just before Christmas 2012. For a little over a year I’ve had an online Etsy shop and stocked in Things British, Carnaby Street.
e & u: If you could sum up the feel of your pieces in one sentence, how would you describe them?
s: Personal and handmade message-in-a-bottle keepsakes, necklaces and wedding favors, created to inspire and be cherished.
e & u: Have you always wanted your own business?
s: Yes, as it allows for total creative freedom.
e & u: What have been some of the highlights?
s: Heartfelt feedback from clients is a true highlight. Making personal request pieces for weddings, for instance personal vows or words to the bridal party, is a privilege.
e & u: I know that as well as an entrepreneur you are also a very talented actress and illustrator. What drives you creatively?
s: I feel most relaxed and free when experimenting with different forms of art; I seem to always be attempting to capture a visual, moment or memory.
e & u: What’s your favourite piece from the Sonnet London collection, and why?
s: The personalised pocket messages, as they are a new addition about to go online! They are a personal and green alternative to a card and a keepsake that you can keep on display. My favourite necklace (which I wear on a long gold chain) is the ‘Dream Big’ message – because we can and should!
e & u: And finally, something a little random. If you were an animal, what would you be?
s: I love cats more than people but I think I’d be a dolphin. They almost fly and dance through the ocean, and fun is a priority.
A personalised pocket message ... so sweet!

A personalised pocket message … so sweet!

Thank you Sarah! To see more of Sonnet London’s beautiful pieces, click here to go through to the website, or here to go through to the Etsy page. Enjoy!