bunting bliss

One of my obsessions is bunting. Until recently, it was an obsession I never acted upon. Just occasionally I would go onto my favourite design blog and stare at the bunting themed interior inspiration post – the same one each time. But I mean, that’s normal, right? Everybody does that…

Anyway! A surprise hen’s night arose last weekend at a friend’s house which called on some savvy room decoration planning. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have bunting?! But of course! However, by the time I had looked online, and moved said bunting to the shopping cart, I realised it was far too late to order anything if I actually wanted it to arrive on time.

A-ha! I thought. I’ll make the bunting, myself! I’ll go and find fabric, and the stuff, you know the stuff, whatever that stuff is that holds the triangles together. Yes, I’ll get that too.

And so, somehow, this novice seamstress managed to successfully bungle through the bunting creation process, albeit with a few nasty pin pricks, to create something rather lovely, in fact, surprisingly so. Now when I want interior inspiration I guess I’ll just stare at my bedroom wall!

we’re going on a chair hunt…

… but we’re not looking to catch a big one. No, no. Two small ones will do just fine.

My man (S) and I have decided that we would like to have more dinner parties, but, to do this, we will need more chairs. For S, the thought of more chairs seems depressing, and a bit of a hassle, ie. Where will we put them? But for me, the thought of more chairs invokes inspiration, ie. Where will we put them? It’s funny how the same sentence produces groans on his part and delight on mine.

Anyway, I have taken matters into my own hands and bid on a gumtree item, about 5 minutes ago. I now await (im)patiently for the seller’s reply.

Gumtree is great. I manage to forget about it all the time, but when I need something, it is always there. Ode to gumtree. Your sellers are sometimes dodgy, but you are still a treasure trove none the less.

Aren’t these just the most simple and lovely chairs? And couldn’t you imagine how easy it would be to find a little home for them? Just a wee corner, with perhaps a dainty cushion for added comfort? I hope they can be mine. Ahem… ours.