monday morning snapshot

It is Monday morning. I sit at my kitchen table. The house is tidy but the table is a mess. My sewing machine is out and the table is strewn with pins, measuring tape, buttons, spools of thread. It is a happy chaos.

The kitchen door is open and the light streams in through the glass. There is a blue sky outside, a result not to be sniffed at, given the grey tendencies of the weather these past few days, or weeks. Here in London, the sunshine is a rarity and worshiped like a god.

I sip the last few mouthfuls of my now cold tea. I listen to a plane fly overhead, and I wonder where it has come from. I scratch my head and purse my lips a little. The day is upon me and I must decide my strategy.

thought for the day…

This is not an entirely original thought I’m afraid, but definitely one worth sharing!

This quote by Kurt Vonnegut made me smile this morning.  Take it with you throughout your weekend and feel good about growing your soul in whatever small opportunity comes your way.


Well this week has completely flown by and I cannot believe it’s Friday once again. I plan to post more on the weekend, but until then I thought I would pop by for an update.

The chairs were mine (ours)! Oh yes they were. The sellers replied fairly promptly – and when I went to pick the chairs up from their flat, they were the sweetest, loveliest people! They served me peppermint tea, and apologised for the faint smell of furniture polish – they had just been trying to give the chairs some lovin’ before I arrived. No need to apologise for that, I explained.  As we don’t really own much furniture in London, we certainly don’t own any furniture polish, so they did us a massive favour there.

So yes, we were able to tuck the pretty chairs away into appropriate niches and nooks and I feel that they have really added to our abode. Next stop, (dainty) cushions!

In fact, I think it is the perfect reason to give my relatively new sewing machine a spin. I am not past my first project yet, which is a plastic bag holder for the kitchen. Yes, I know, that doesn’t sound very romantic at all, but I thought it was a start, and actually we really do need one, so there you go. Project number two though will need to be a cushion, or several cushions. Then perhaps I will be ready to move onto clothes.

But for now, I must prepare to enter the real world again, and get ready for work!

I will leave you with a new music discovery, The Civil Wars. They are gorgeous, I highly recommend stalking them on youTube if you have some spare time today.