up, up and away

Some days, it feels like there’s just not enough time to be creative. And it feels sad. It feels like there’s a playful child deep within that didn’t get outside into the sunshine on a beautiful day; that didn’t get to disappear into the realm of their imagination and believe in impossible dreams.

But it’s simply not true! There’s always time. Creativity can manifest in so many ways. We can approach a problem at work with a creative spirit, and problem solve in an imaginative way. We could doodle in a notebook if there’s five minutes spare, even if it only happens while we’re on hold with the phone company, or waiting for a pot to boil, or killing time on the train on the way home.

It’s so great to go for a long, leisurely walk, especially on a balmy evening, find a quiet spot, and sit and write some thoughts down. But we don’t always have that moment available to us (and we sure as hell don’t always have the weather to back it up). However, we can find a small moment, of our own choosing, at some point through the day, to delve into a more creative frame of mind. It will be there. We just have to look for it. (It can be shy. Sometimes we need to look hard.)

So I’m introducing some notebook doodles to this little world here. And hey – why not reply with your own squiggles. I’d love to see what’s happening in your notebook today! It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just whatever’s on your mind. Carve out your creative moment and share it!

Up, up and away

P.S. If you can’t send through a link of something you doodled, please feel free to share your creative thoughts anyhow!