glorious sunshine

Is there any better kind of sunshine than late afternoon? There is a peacefulness about it that allows you to bask without wondering what else it is you should be doing… apart from possibly having a wee snooze.

Yes. Sleepy afternoon sunshine is the most glorious sunshine of all.

only romance

The sun grows larger in the sky

Wind whispers the river along

The little waves, they dance and sigh

Spurred onwards by sweetest bird song

The ground is still awash with dew

Morning’s magic fairy tale spell

The petals shimmer pink and blue

As flower blossoms plump and swell

The weeping willows stand and bow

Their leaves caress the mossy stone

Of gard’ners who once wondered how

To tame the earth with plough and hoe

But only romance does remain

Since nature tangles lovers’ hearts

With feathered fingers, writes their names,

And binds them so they shan’t depart

Yes, now the world seems sapphire still

Bright crystal clearness all around

Oh never leave! This moment will

Grow longingly whilst dreams abound

up, up and away

Some days, it feels like there’s just not enough time to be creative. And it feels sad. It feels like there’s a playful child deep within that didn’t get outside into the sunshine on a beautiful day; that didn’t get to disappear into the realm of their imagination and believe in impossible dreams.

But it’s simply not true! There’s always time. Creativity can manifest in so many ways. We can approach a problem at work with a creative spirit, and problem solve in an imaginative way. We could doodle in a notebook if there’s five minutes spare, even if it only happens while we’re on hold with the phone company, or waiting for a pot to boil, or killing time on the train on the way home.

It’s so great to go for a long, leisurely walk, especially on a balmy evening, find a quiet spot, and sit and write some thoughts down. But we don’t always have that moment available to us (and we sure as hell don’t always have the weather to back it up). However, we can find a small moment, of our own choosing, at some point through the day, to delve into a more creative frame of mind. It will be there. We just have to look for it. (It can be shy. Sometimes we need to look hard.)

So I’m introducing some notebook doodles to this little world here. And hey – why not reply with your own squiggles. I’d love to see what’s happening in your notebook today! It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just whatever’s on your mind. Carve out your creative moment and share it!

Up, up and away

P.S. If you can’t send through a link of something you doodled, please feel free to share your creative thoughts anyhow!


… so soft like velvet

Swaying in the breeze

Gently bending

Waiting, growing, being,

Basking in the sunlight

That fades

With every passing moment

Daisies 1


What a thing it is to start to know who you are

As blurred lines become sharp, and old wounds fade to scars

It’s like a rippling feeling, as your heart turns inside out

And all that you are is no longer all you are without.

I sometimes have a moment when I can sense all who I am

All who I could be,

All that I should be,

All I’d like to be

And I think,

“Hey! This is perfect.

This is the greatest.

This is just right.”

And I climb to the highest height

And there is a blur, and a whir, and a swipe, and a “yip”

But I miss, and fall down, hard,

And I think, “No, this can’t be it.”

But I am always changing

I am a thing of the world

And I, like the rocks, the trees,

the birds, the leaves,

The sand in my hand, slipping through open fingers,

I too must change, must move

Must find my groove

Must make way for a new

Momentous epiphany

And discover me,

once more,

always, again,

and so I do…

I keep going

And sometimes

I make a start

going somewhere

Sometimes it feels like you’re being pulled along by an underground current. You’re walking in one direction but you feel like you’re actually walking upside down, or inside out, or trying to swim up through the sky, or trying to tunnel down through the ground.

It’s like when you’re sitting on a train that you’ve never caught before, and you’re waiting for it to leave the station. You have an idea of which way it will go that may be based on nothing more than your own innate sense of direction, an internal compass that you’ve been unknowingly relying on. Then suddenly, the train’s engine spurs into action and it lurches forward. It’s going the wrong way! your alarmed, baffled, and disorientated mind reports to you; blinking, spinning, trying to make sense of something for which there is no seemingly rational explanation.

You then realise that the train can’t be wrong. Why would it be? The train is going exactly where it needs to be. You’re wrong. Your feelings are playing tricks on you, and for no good reason.

Next time you’re sitting on that platform, you know exactly what to expect, and it doesn’t feel like aliens are using giant, invisible magnets to somehow interfere with your world, dragging you along an unplanned route of their making, without your knowledge. This time, you know which way you’re going, and you feel calm. It may not be the direction you dreamt of, not the perfect path you hoped to create, but equally, it doesn’t throw you, and you don’t feel the need or the desire to question it. It just is.

And once you’re able to embrace that, you can relax, and turn your free mind to other things … such as your next train trip.

it was always you

Did you ever have a crush on somebody? Did you tell them? Or did it go unsaid?

Introducing the latest tune by the Curious Cat Club:

Let me know what you think!


a landscape love affair

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admired ones: sonnet london

I first met Sarah a few years ago, as the friend of a very good friend of mine, Becca, who has been a kindred spirit since we were both seven years old; barefoot and mischievous.
A fellow creative and all around wonderful person, Sarah and I hit it off and always enjoyed catching up when we saw each other. Sarah now has her own business, Sonnet London, an accomplishment which I find so inspiring, and her products are absolutely beautiful, charming, and unique. Recently, Becca very thoughtfully gifted me a Sonnet London necklace, which was personalised with a message that really resonates with me: What I am to be, I already am. I can’t tell you how lovely it is! I actually burst into tears when I saw it.
I eventually recovered.

I eventually recovered.

I have been plotting for a while to begin interviewing different people I admire, be they artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, spiritual gurus or simply stand up human beings, and Sarah very kindly agreed to be my first victim.
e & u: When did you launch Sonnet London?
s: My website went live just before Christmas 2012. For a little over a year I’ve had an online Etsy shop and stocked in Things British, Carnaby Street.
e & u: If you could sum up the feel of your pieces in one sentence, how would you describe them?
s: Personal and handmade message-in-a-bottle keepsakes, necklaces and wedding favors, created to inspire and be cherished.
e & u: Have you always wanted your own business?
s: Yes, as it allows for total creative freedom.
e & u: What have been some of the highlights?
s: Heartfelt feedback from clients is a true highlight. Making personal request pieces for weddings, for instance personal vows or words to the bridal party, is a privilege.
e & u: I know that as well as an entrepreneur you are also a very talented actress and illustrator. What drives you creatively?
s: I feel most relaxed and free when experimenting with different forms of art; I seem to always be attempting to capture a visual, moment or memory.
e & u: What’s your favourite piece from the Sonnet London collection, and why?
s: The personalised pocket messages, as they are a new addition about to go online! They are a personal and green alternative to a card and a keepsake that you can keep on display. My favourite necklace (which I wear on a long gold chain) is the ‘Dream Big’ message – because we can and should!
e & u: And finally, something a little random. If you were an animal, what would you be?
s: I love cats more than people but I think I’d be a dolphin. They almost fly and dance through the ocean, and fun is a priority.
A personalised pocket message ... so sweet!

A personalised pocket message … so sweet!

Thank you Sarah! To see more of Sonnet London’s beautiful pieces, click here to go through to the website, or here to go through to the Etsy page. Enjoy!