gathering creative energy

So much of the time in this life of ours, we are go, go, go! It’s not always a bad way to be, and it’s not always a good way to be. As ever, the key thing seems to be … Continue reading

glorious sunshine

Is there any better kind of sunshine than late afternoon? There is a peacefulness about it that allows you to bask without wondering what else it is you should be doing… apart from possibly having a wee snooze.

Yes. Sleepy afternoon sunshine is the most glorious sunshine of all.


… so soft like velvet

Swaying in the breeze

Gently bending

Waiting, growing, being,

Basking in the sunlight

That fades

With every passing moment

Daisies 1

a landscape love affair

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A friend of mine recently revealed his love of photographing the same landscapes over and over again. Even though to some people it may seem like just another photo of the same thing, there is always something changing, whether it’s … Continue reading