moon sailing

I see you with my ancient eye Sailing your ship up to the moon A wave of sighs crashing down On so many tiny words, marooned


You creep in slowly

Your patches of gold scuttle up through the boughs

Like sneaky imps

I blink once, twice,

My sleepy eyes are still full of summer

I blink again, for what seems like

Just a second

But I know

When I next open my eyes

You’ll be everywhere



… so soft like velvet

Swaying in the breeze

Gently bending

Waiting, growing, being,

Basking in the sunlight

That fades

With every passing moment

Daisies 1


What a thing it is to start to know who you are

As blurred lines become sharp, and old wounds fade to scars

It’s like a rippling feeling, as your heart turns inside out

And all that you are is no longer all you are without.

I sometimes have a moment when I can sense all who I am

All who I could be,

All that I should be,

All I’d like to be

And I think,

“Hey! This is perfect.

This is the greatest.

This is just right.”

And I climb to the highest height

And there is a blur, and a whir, and a swipe, and a “yip”

But I miss, and fall down, hard,

And I think, “No, this can’t be it.”

But I am always changing

I am a thing of the world

And I, like the rocks, the trees,

the birds, the leaves,

The sand in my hand, slipping through open fingers,

I too must change, must move

Must find my groove

Must make way for a new

Momentous epiphany

And discover me,

once more,

always, again,

and so I do…

I keep going

And sometimes

I make a start